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So how do you communicate with the astronauts in the ISS?

23 May 2010 as seen from the departing Space Shuttle Atlantis during Session STS-132



Station Crew Records Aurora Australis Display on July 15, 2014. Two solar array panels are partially visible in an edge-on angle on the right side of the frame.


Construction of the Integrated Truss Structure over New Zealand.

My technology – Philips Hue. You flash all the lights of your house as ISS pass overhead!


Using IFTTT from either iPad or an Android smartphone:


My log is at:…/1cG42LEXl5FEoMYVXch53…/pubhtml



Got up early this morning at 5.30AM to catch the best viewing in months of ISS overhead but as usual the skies were cloudy.

ISS viewing forecast for this morning:ISS tracks over Sydney Aug14 ISS forecast

You can track ISS at your location on