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My iPad is now looking after the garden

Its spring so we revive our interest in the garden. Have many projects to consider: 1) monitor health of plants using Parrot Flower Power 2) install solar powered irrigation scheme for the front garden 3) revive lawns 4) smart watering can and 6) Arduino soil temp and moisture wireless sensor system for many plants

Parrot Opening screen

Project 1: Started using this this week but can only monitor one plant at a time. It measures: 1) dielectric permittivity for soil moisture 2) air temperature 3) soil temperature 4) sunlight at calibrated for plant growth at 510nm wavelength 5) ion measurement for fertilizer treatment.


Parrot Power Power plant hardware install near plant roots with sensors also above the soil. Communicate with the iPad via Low Power Bluetooth and with the internet Cloud


Oriental Lilly - iPad1

Connected to the cloud for plant database – I am monitoring Oriental Lilly. Already there is something to do!

Oriental Lilly - iPad2

Tells me to move the plant into more sunlight!


I can get a phone call, SMS or Tweet from ‘Lily’ pant when its wants attention

ALDI Plant Monitor Panel

Previously we were using a wireless sensor monitoring system for ALDI. Indoor display with wireless – three plants at a time

ALDI Plant Sensor2

The ALDI system plant sensors at the plant. Measure soli moisture, light and temperature (soil and air). This system is not connected to any home control system nor is it connected to the internet

ALDI Plant Sensor3

ALDI sensor in the garden bed. Need to change the batteries after one year of use

Garden Bed1

This is the best time of the year for flowers – all coming out now. To keep plants healthy at other times I will install the solar irrigation scheme next week – it will be connected to the home automation system for timing the solar power solenoid valve. It will be connected initially to Ninja Blocks then next month Ninja Sphere on the internet. Totally automatic – soil moisture and temp measurement and weather station control micro drip irrigation system

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