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Testing Grove IR Temperature Sensor

Need to measure the temperature in the oven. Check this out.

Testing Grove IR Temperature Sensor – 22 Aug 18

Playing whirly tubes with Jason and Amy – 4Aug18

What are whirly tubes?

There are experimental musical instrument or perhaps a toy which consists of a corrugated (ribbed) plastic tube or hose (hollow flexible cylinder), open at both ends and possibly wider at one end (bell), the thinner of which is rotated in a circle to play.

These tubes are:

  • 74cm in length
  • produce musical overtones in 5ths
  • a frequency ratio of 3/2

How to make these work:

  • Hold one end in your hand.
  • Twirl the other end in a circle.
  • Listen to the sound made by the tube.
  • Vary the speed of the tube.

Notice that the pitch of the whirly jumps from one note to another and increases as the speed of the twirling is increased.

That is, high speed twirling creates high pitch notes

I am have these as sound samples from Sonicculture’s Box of Tricks and these feed into Ableton Live to be played as a MIDI instrument using a keyboard.

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