u3a Trains – Safety Part2:German Eschede & Lathen train disasters

u3a LogoGreater Western Sydney u3a will host CARTS (Cars, Airplanes,Railways,Trains and ships) next Tues and I will facilitate the event. Play yourself in the role of the catering manager on a high speed express in Germany. What would you do?

ICE HSThe train is an ICE3 high speed intercity express in Germany travelling from Munich to Hamburg. The time is 10.30am and the train is already behind schedule. You are not far from Hamburg

Catering Manager3

As catering manager you serving late breakfasts and morning coffee to passengers. At about 130 km from Hamburg a passenger comes rushing to you from two carriages away shouting that a large metal component sprang up on the armrest of the seat between his wife and his son


The metal component looks like part of the train wheel!


Wine Glass3

The train is travelling at 200km per hour. For the past 1 hour other passengers have already noticed and told you that their wine glasses are vibrating and spilling! This has occurred before on previous journeys but management seem to ignore the complaints. This time the vibrations are more severe

Emergency Brake2

You can either pull the emergency brake now or go back to car 1 and investigate the complaint. You have only seconds to act!


This is a true story and its outcome will be revealed at next Tues session of u3a CARTS (Trains). The worst high speed train accident in history. I will also discuss first maglev train accident in history. Both accidents occurred in Germany which is now the world’s largest suppliers of high speed trains. The trains are also manufactured in China where I have been on both types of trains: ICE3 (Chengdu to Chongqing) and Maglev (Shanghai).
What where wrong in both disasters? Is the world ready for High Speed Trains?

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