Our Home weather station on ABC news

Just added new Netatmo Rain Gauge to back garden last Monday (22 Sep 2014).  First in Sydney to have a Netatmo rain gauge added and was used by ABC News last night. on the weather segment. Kings Langley scored max rainfall in Sydney yesterday – 13mm in 30 mins. We are now part of a worldwide weather monitoring network. Some parameters such as indoors temp, humidity, sound and CO2 levels are not published for security reasons. Netatmo triggers IFTTT events for home automation such as switch off air cons and close electric roof.


Rain Gauge

New rain gauge on the swimming pool fence. Wireless link to Netatmo internet weather monitoring service. This is the only time of the year we get flowers for a short time – we need the rain .
Netatmo Map

There are two houses in Kings Langley on the network.

iPad app presents graphical view of inside and outside weather conditions including CO2 levels. There is a real time view on my new website www,LATS.info


Record down rain yesterday. We used to called this session ‘spring’ but it it now tropical thunderstorm time



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