My IoT (Internet of Things) Projects

My Internet of Things projects are designed to explore the possibilities of using technologies for things we use everyday. I will propose the project and high light its aim and budget. Normally a project will be completed within one year and may be used on u3a or PCP courses. Projects I am working on include:

  • Alert system for alarms such as swimming pool, burglar, fire, severe weather and even visitor alerts. This is an integrated alert system with the house entertainment systems so alerts are not drowned out with background music. Alerts are both visual using LEDs and audible using the douse door bell. I also get alerts using the website integration program IFTTT and Ninja Blocks. The most recent alerts added include when the International Space Station pass over my house.  A key sub-project is to develop a reliable swimming pool alert system
  • Energy monitoring using Ninja Blocks
  • Home Automation System using Ninja Blocks. This will include the subsystems alert, energy, entertainment and weather subsystems. These will be integrated using Ninja Blocks. A key aim is to develop a reliable system with local and cloud technologies using back up and redundant controllers.
  • Natural lighting in the house using Philips Hue Lights for sunset transitions or other lighting effects. I will include the electric roof and develop a light and rain tracking system for this. Ninja Blocks is the controller.
  • Weather monitoring using Netatmo weather station linked with IFTTT
  • Health and fitness applications using Jawbone Up24. motorola smart phones, Garmin accelerometers and other ANT+ devices
  • Connecting model trains to the internet
  • Monitoring plants and flowers in the garden using Parrot’s Flower Power device
  • Natural handwriting devices such as lifescribe pens and gesture devices such as Leap Motion

The main device I am using is Ninja Blocks using the Beaglebone Black computer. I am also using the Raspberry Pi. Other devices include:

  • Infrared detectors (PIRs), magnetic switches, push buttons, smoke detectors, door mats etc using 433MHZ wireless communications.
  • WebCams using CCTV
  • Door bells
  • House entertainment systems using XBMC
  • thermometers and humidity measurement devices and connecting these to thermostats.


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