CARTS is a u3a course for u3a members and is hosted at the Parramatta Seniors Learning and Leisure Centre. CARTS is about transport icons and the name is an abbreviation for Cars, Airplanes, Railways, Trains and Ships. While technology is a core part of the course it is not just about technologies and how transport systems and devices work.  It also includes the history of transport, social and economic elements including aspects from today’s news about transport. CARTS started in Feb 2014 and ran runs throughout 2014 and  2015. A typical CARTS session starts on alternative Tuesdays from 1.30pm to 3.30pm with a tea break at 2.20pm. It is about seniors socialising and sharing their experiences and interest in transport topics. The course has two facilitators – Dick and Phil where Dick looks after Airplanes and Cars while Phil looks after Railways and Ships.

The u3a course handbook describes this course: ” Presenting iconic examples from the transport world demonstrating the history and development of various modes. Also included , journeys from around the world using the various modes and where possible personal accounts. Opportunities provided allowing those interested to delve further into some of the items discussed, including modelling transport systems.” Reference:   u3a courses second semester 2014


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