Ninja Blocks Updates

We have now had Ninja Blocks for 6 months and most of the time has been in the learning phase. Why does it do? It automates everything in our house, monitors our energy usage and helps with safety and security. If any part of our solar energy system does not work then we get an email. This is important because we previously lost income when our solar controller was not working for months. We are also monitor temperature in the fridge and optimising its power consumption to maintain an operating 5 degC temp. Ninja blocks is helping with Jason’s behavioral management by automatically using timers and infrared sensors to detect where he is and what he is doing. The same sensors are used for security and energy management. Ninja Blocks controls high energy efficient LED lights and turns on lights only when someone is in the room. The same lights are used for emergency alerts for the security systems. Ninja blocks controls a Raspberry Pi XMBC HiFi system and reduces the audio volume when someone is at the front door. The fire alarm and smoke detectors are connected to Ninja and we get alerts via SMSs and email even when we are not home. Everything in the house is now Ninja connected – doorbells, power sockets, lights, doormats, people sensors, CCTVs, temperature and humidity sensors, TV, Hifis and air cons. What were the ricks – depending on cloud availability. This has proven to the reliable with over 99.998% availability this month and with similar figures over the past six months. Ninja monitors our telephone system – voip and pings all devices connected to the home servers – resetting those automatically if they do not respond. We have four Ninja Blocks controllers and they talk to each other via webhhooks and with RoboTask on a PC. This means that if one goes down then another takes over its functions. Ninja Blocks will demo demonstrated next year to Parramatta Computer Pals to help seniors stay longer in their own homes and assist carers with assisting disabled people.

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