NB Projects in 2014


Ninja monitors inside and outside of the house. If we forget to close windows and doors we get a gentle reminder. Soon Ninja will provide controls for the garden irrigation system. — at Kings Langley 2147.
2Monitoring the fridge temp is important to minimise food poisoning. We maintain a 5degC temp.
3XBees extend the wireless range further than wifi – it is possible to get these modules configured in wireless mesh unto to 9kms!
4Ninja monitors our energy usage and detects faults immediately

5All remotes are now gone. Ninja and Orvibo Allone IR Blasters replaces than all – including for air cons, DVD players, audio and TV. Scenes identify when you walk into a room and set a number of devices automatically then turn then off when you leave. — at Kings Langley 2147.


6Have as many automatic timers as you like. This detects what Jason does and for how long. If limits are exceeded we get an alert.

7Four CCTVs provide security protection and swimming pool alerts. Ninja PIRs trigger photo-snaps and are send via email.

8Ninja is connected to an independent security system with GSM and telephone alerts.

The same PIRs are used for both 10
The smoke and fire detectors are connected to Ninja via 433MHZ radio coms.
11PIRs detects if someone needs the lights in safety critical areas. The same lights can provide alerts.
12Ninja connects to the audio system. When someone is at the front door the audio is turned down.
13Multiple Ninjas monitor each other and reset power if necessary

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