Ninja Blocks

I purchased my first Ninja Blocks in Mar 2014 and have gradually experimented and explored this system to develop reliable systems. As a retired engineer I now have time to do this.

It has been many years since I had a hand on approach to engineering and learning and I will now use used Ninja Blocks to rediscover design and constructing electronic and computer systems. This is a big challenge as I am very rusty on even the basics like UNIX.

My motivation is to share this experience and use it as a case study on teaching courses for active seniors and retired people at learning centres such as Parramatta Computer Pals and u3a. This blog represents my reflections and progress since Mar 2014. I was also motivated by the need of seniors to get help with living at home by using technology for things like alarm and control systems. My project includes swimming pool alarm system to protect young grand children and neighbors using  my swimming pool. The project adds security to me my having a reliable burglar alarm system and safety lighting systems for visitors at night. I wanted the alarms not to be offensive to my family and  neighbors though false alarms. I wanted alerts anywhere via emails and SMSs and use sound and visual alarms at home. I would be great to have a system that learnt system behaviour itself and reported on its own health at critical conditions.

My project may also assist those with disabilities as I am designing this system to help my elder son who has autism. The system will assist with behavioral management and detect his presence in hazardous situations.

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