1 My Background

While I have a background in System Engineering and reliability engineering in transport, health and education Most often I get others to do the detailed work and implement systems. In my career I was a manager with some experience in design early in my career and I enjoyed designing – it is the real engineering. Most of my experience is on the requirements gathering, specification of systems, auditing and testing systems. I have designed electronic computer systems in the past both hardware and software some in very extreme environments that had to be reliable. My involvement in reliable systems include life and death situation involvement medical safety such as class A area in hospitals and health monitoring. Reliable systems in transport includes hazard detection on the F3 Freeway in NSW and black ice detection and warning systems as used near Bathurst in NSW.

These systems must work. I studied reliability engineering as part of my masters degree at the UNSW in 1978 and used this knowledge to specify complex medical equipment for NSW hospitals such as CT Scanners and Radiotherapy Equipment. There has been already incidents of medical LINACS  (Linear Accelerators) causing overdoses to patients because of software and system design errors – these are now rare but could happen again.

I am now a retired engineer and still enjoys learning about engineering and supporting others with this learning.

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