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2014 Sessions

Rocket Train

A session was scheduled every two months and in 2014 the History of British Rail and Railway safety were covered. We started with Stephenson and included contributions of Brunel. Both HO and N gauge model trains and computer simulations using Trainz where demonstrated. Safety included presentations on key railway disasters that changed the changed the safety culture. Discussions  included what would you do in these disasters in the role of key railway employees. There were also discussions about the role of railways in creating a modern world and even its role in establishing a football culture in South America. Members shared there interest in railway books and maps.

2015 Sessions


In 2015 the CARTS Trains sessions will have new themes. This will include:

  • The fastest trains – what was the fastest steam loco and what is the fastest train today?
  • Train luxury – how did luxury travel start and what is the best luxury train today? Australia’s Luxury Train – The Ghan
  • Freight Trains – what are the heaviest loads on trains?
  • The London Underground (deferred)
  • The Technology of trains – steam and electric (deferred)
  • Railways of the World – UK, Australia, Europe, USA, China and Russia – what are the famous railway icons of these countries? (deferred)
  • Railways and Genealogy – what did your ancestors do on the railways? (deferred)



There will be screening with commentary and discussions of two movies of the following:

  • The Orient Express
  • The General
  • The Great Locomotive Chase
  • The Titfield Thunderbolt
  • The Taking of Pelham One Two Three
  • Unstoppable

Documentaries will include:


  • The world’s largest rail car, the Schnabel Car – a fully working model of this will be presented (HO gauge) and a Chinese computer simulation model in Trainz
  • Extreme Machines Super Trains – Amtrax Acela
  • TRACK RECORD History of Australia Railways
  • Great Railway Journeys
  • America by Rail
  • Great Railway Journeys – Michael Palin – London to Scotland – Flying Scotsman
  • Flying Scotsman Comes Home
  • 100 Years of British Trains
  • Seven Wonders of the Industrial World – the Line – Crossing USA
  • Japanese High Speed Bullet Train – BBC Documentary
  • Shanghai Maglev Train – World’s Fastest Train
  • The Ghan



  • Computer simulations of Trainz – new version to be released in 2015
  • Cities in Motion
  • Simulation of Sydney City Rail from Auburn to Homebush including Olympic Park


If you are retired and have an interest in railways or trains come to the u3a CARTS sessions in 2015

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