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What happened in 2014

Every 2 months in 2014 u3a members gathered at the Leisure centre at Parramatta Council Chambers and learnt more about the development of modern ships starting with Brunel’s Great Britain. We learnt about 19th C ships including the Great Eastern and the development of passenger shipping travel across the Atlantic. Our final three sessions were dedicated to Titanic and we concluded with a screening with commentary of “A Night to Remember”. Demonstrations included models including computer simulation of the Dive to Titanic and simple Sketch  model to design ships.

2015 Sessions and Beyond


For 2015 there is a new programme where the initial focus will be on the Lusitania. This is important in the year of 2015 as it is the centenary of sinking this famous ship and we will discover its role in the WW1. Two session will be dedicated to this including a movie screening (Mar-May). All preparation for the Lusitania will start in Dec 2014 and updates will be published on this website. You are encouraged to participate in this project and prepare for the centenary. Members are encourages to read the books on this ship.


Other sessions for 2015 include:

  • 100 Year of Ships – Jul
  • The Boat People – Sep. Did your ancestors come by ship to Australia? What was its name? Next year (2016) I celebrate my arrival on the ship New Australia from the UK and will include a story about this ship. What is your story?
  • Gunboat Diplomacy  – Nov including a screening of the movie

Other future sessions include:


  • Ships of War including Submarines, British Navy with special attention on Flower Class corvettes and the Sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff & the Laconia
  • Chinese Naval Architecture
  • Ships of Commerce – Clippers
  • Ships of Commerce modern
  • Cruise Ship of Today
  • Famous River ships
  • Navigation & Safety Systems
  • The Sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff: Deadliest Sea Disaster

Movie screening including commentary will include:V2


  • The Cruel Sea (2016)
  • The Laconia (2016)
  • Lifeboat – Alfred Hitchcock – (2016)
  • Lusitania (2015)
  • Yangze River (2015)
  • Up The Yangtze
  • The Sand Pebbles
  • The Silent Enemy
  • The Sea Wolves
  • Das Boot – what it was link on a German VII Class Submarine
  • Stowaway
  • Little Old New Year


  • Big, Bigger & Biggest – Cruise Ships
  • Oasis of the Seas – World’s Biggest Cruise Ship
  • Paddleboats of the Murray River
  • U Boat War : Documentary on the Submarine Battle of World War 2

Books: full titles to follow

  • Yangze River Gunboats: : 1900- 49
  • The Cruel Sea
  • One Common Enemy  – Investigation into The Laconia sinking
  • The Pirate Dictionary
  • The Historical Atlas of World War II (Historical Atlas Series)
  • Type VII: Germany’s Most Successful U-Boats
  • The Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea (Oxford Reference)
  • Lusitania – Dianna Preston
  • Lusitania – Colin Simpson
  • Floating Palaces – William Miller
  • SS Leviathan – Brent Holt
  • In Marconi’s Footsteps – Early Radio – Peter Jensen
  • 100 Stories from the Australian National Maritime Museum
  • Scientific Americian – Dec 2, 1905 castings for the Lusitania Turbines

If you are retired and have an interest in ships come to the u3a CARTS sessions in 2015


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