Ninja Blocks Reliable?

NB is fundamentally not a secure and reliable system. It is great as a sandbox for prototyping and as a secondary integrator. For a home alarm system I will use a PSAS (Plain Simple Alarm System)  – Chinese on  433MHZ that is compatible with NB (that ASK and no rolling codes). If NB fails then PSAS takes over with dual GSM and POTS phone access. It has battery backup and simple software. The sensors can works on both PSAS and NB. NB adds extra notification thru web which PSAS does not do. NB also adds IPCams and softer alarm sounds for various alarms types without upsetting residents and neighbours. For most integrated alarm monitoring and home automation NB will be do the job but it could fail if the cloud or your ISP is unavailable, This is where PSAS takes over after failing to get a handshake. PSAS also has its faults – 433MHZ ASK coms is not secure or reliable and needs good SNRs (Signal to Noise Ratios)

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