PIXEL Display at home


This is an extension of our home automation project for displaying PIXEL art and events in the home triggered by alarms such as fire or temperature alarms. It is connected to google calendar to remind us to put on the garbage bins or warns us with the next scheduled bus is coming. More on www.LATS.info


Many years ago I purchased VMS displays like this for the Government but found the displays boring and even distracting.


Some of the them were useful for speed and safety advise…


..but I always wanted to be more creative with them after seeing how colour VMS were used in China. This is my latest VMS as installed at home


I added alcohol and proximity sensors – breathe and it displays the amount of alcohol on your breath. Use gestures to change the displays.


but it also display LED Pixel Art as background images

while the matrix size size is limited many artists have been very creative with these


including adding silhouette overlays. I will soon experiment with sunset sihoutettes. The background LED displays are animated.

D14 D13 D11 D10 D9 D7

At home it provided an animated fish tank display

These used animated gif files and you can make them yourself

So in 2014 ….International Year of Lights. This is my first Lights Project.


The VMS display is now integrated into our Ninja Block Home Automation system. I can also program the display are via an Android phone or via RoboTask on a Windows PC to display my twitter feeds or the weather. Home and weather alarms now have animated displays. I designed an email protocol to link these displays to Ninja Blocks and my google calendar.

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