Connecting RobotTasks to Ninja Blocks

RobotTasks is a PC programs that schedules events or starts PC programs triggered by events. An event can be an email or time etc

I am using RobotTasks to start programs such as pixelc.jar, a java program that normally works from the Windows Command Line and it controls an external device called PIXEL. This is a 32 x32 LED matrix array for displaying Pixel Art. I am using this for displaying the current weather, home alarms,twitter feeds and google calendar events. Home alarms such as a high fridge temp are both audible via the door bell sound system and via a graphical icon on PIXEL. The is a 433MHZ wireless temp and humidity sensor in the fridge and it triggers alarms on Ninja Blocks if the fridge temp is more than 9 deg C. The fridge temp should not be more than 5 deg C and it is time to investigate. Someone leaving the fridge door open for tool long or do I have to adjust the controls or buy a new fridge? Ninja Blocks communicates to RoboTask via an email and I have designed a new protocol to handle this. The first version had trigger tags in the subject email field such as NB1AT0603.gif where NB1 means the trigger originated from Ninja Block #1. AT0603 means Alarm temp in the kitchen (06) at the fridge (03). Ninja Blocks sends the email and it is automatically scanned via my email program called Thunderbird. It puts NB Alarm emails into a queue (email folder) and every 5 mins RoboTask scans this folder then selects the fridge temp alarm icon (NB1AT0603.gif) which is an animated gif file and displays it on PIXEL.

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