u3a New Technology 2012

New Technology – ran in 2012 included:

  • Smart phones (Android) – including selecing, using and developing apps
  • iPads – apps
  • Selecting the hardware for PCs (what is a graphics card, CPU – explaining the jargon)
  • PCs (Windows and applications, email,MS Office and its alternative )
  • PCs – zero cost alternatives to Windows and Office (Linux based – Ubuntu and Open Office)
  • Robotics esp based on Lego Mindstorms, PLEO and robotic vacuum cleaners (iRobot)
  • Computer Security
  • Home Automation (from X10, Ninja Blocks, Rasberry Pie and Arduino computer systems)
  • GPS and navigation systems
  • History of computers and technology and its social impact
  • Virtual Private Service (VPS) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) – my website is based in NJ USA using a VPN  (theuth.info) and I use this for teaching seniors. I have established an organisation called LATS (Learning about Technological to Support Society). I VPS to USA will get you into the USA with an USA IP address! My UK VPS allows me to view the lattest BBC documentaries (similar to iView)
  • Using computer games for learning eg Cities in Motion and Traniz and historical re-enactments such as Silent Hunter
  • Using phones and alternatives (VOIP, skype etc)
  • Developing websites (see my site at  XXXXXX  I previously own the domain name Theuth.info – based on the ancient Egyptain god that invented writing ). The new domain name is LATS.info
  • Developing wikis
  • computer music (using Leap Motion, MIDI and iPad apps)
  • Digital Photography (I am currently researching 3D digital photography and lifebogging cameras to assist people with memory loss)

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