u3a Lego for Life

I will develop a new course for seniors to invent. Using Lego,Mindstorms, LittleBits, NB, Grove, Raspb Pie, Scratch ‪#‎u3aLfL‬. An alternative name for this course could be IoT (Internet of Things).

Ever wanted to invent something. Technical literacy and not having sufficient time are often barriers. This course is for seniors to explore their inventive skills and develop technical aids to help stay at home or for carers needing help from technology. Based on LittleBits Electronic modules & Ninja Blocks we will build new aids to assist us with life. It will be just like playing with Lego and even this will be used – can’t be easier.

See more at http://lats-u3a.dyndns.info

Learning about technology to improve society