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Welcome to the LATS website! If you are either a senior interested in  computers  or a u3a member register yourself as a blogger and participate in the debates, discussions and learning on this website. If you have a question about technology ask it on the appropriate page on this website. This website supports the courses I facilitate in either u3a or other seniors groups. I am the moderator for all discussion in this website.

If you do not belong to either u3a or a seniors computer group you can still register as long as you tell me why you are registering – I will send you an email. If you do not reply to my emails you can not continue with this website.

LATS stands for Learning About Technology to improve Society. It is a blog for u3a and senior computer clubs to learn about how technology impacts on their lives.

Both u3a and seniors computer clubs are for seniors who are normally retired from work but wish to continue with life long learning. U3a means University of the Third Age and is a worldwide movement and active involvement of members in Sydney.

My interest in LATS is to help seniors and people with disabilities use technologies to improve their lives and cope with a changing world. I am also interested in providing challenges for seniors who wish to be creative and active beyond being a simple computer consumer. I prepare and facilitate courses so seniors and others can help themselves. In the courses I will model projects and offer advice about technologies and facilitate discussions about how technologies has made a difference to our lives.


In facilitating and managing LATS I aim to continue with my own life long learning and share my experiences with others.

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Learning about technology to improve society