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Starting next year the proposal is to hold a special interest group (SIG) on the Internet of Things (IoT) for members of seniors computer clubs. The IoT SIG would meet once a month and is open to all interested from these clubs. Each session will have two parts – Part 1 will be a presentation with discussion, questions and demo of topic of the month. After morning or afternoon tea break there will be a practical session for you to develop your project and get assistance from the course facilitator. Potential projects will be listed and you can choose one of them or propose your own. You are encourage to demonstrate to others in the group your project at the end of each semester. Members who are fascinated with the development of the internet and what the next revolution will be might be interested in joining this SIG. The SIG will explore – how is my world connected to the internet? What are to benefits to me and society for doing this? Are there any risks? What about security issues? Are there enough IP addresses on the internet to handle this? What is Apple and Google doing in this area? It is all about the ‘yin-yang’ experiential learning – learning by doing and then reflecting and linking to the bigger picture.

Demonstrations will include:

  • Philips Hue Lighting System with Hue Tap switches
  • Belkin wifi wemo power relays
  • ALDI wifi power replay switches
  • Using 433MHZ power switches from ALDI and Officeworks
  • Connecting your Burglar Alarm to the Internet and going beyond – swimming pool and internet connections to the Early Warning System for immediate bush fire and severe weather alerts
  • Adding a CCTV to your fire and burglar alarm systems and being informed no matter where you are
  • Making your house safer – automatically switch on lights for stairs and walkways at night when someone approaches
  • A home thermostat connected to the internet – you are in control no matter where you are
  • Connecting your letterbox and front door to the internet – so I know when something is delivered such as mail or a parcel
  • Installing a weather station at home and join the global weather monitoring service – Netatmo, La Crosse and your own designs working with Forecast.io
  • How can I use my iPad or Android for IoT?
  • What are Ninja Blocks and Ninja sphere and how is it used in the IoTs?
  • IFTTT (If This Then That) – linking your iPad or Smart phone apps
  • Fitness devices including Up24, Withings Pulse, ANT+devices including heart, blood pressure and weight monitors, Motorola MOTOACTV Smart Watch with ANT+ sensors
  • Linking fitness to diet and control and health monitoring  – Myfitness and other apps
  • Photography – connecting your camera to IoTs using EyeFi and designing your own Grove Arduino Camera

Topics will include:

  • Home Automation – its history and where we are now with this technology
  • What is a smart watch?
  • How can IoT improve road safety and protect critical public infrastructure?
  • What is a fitness monitor and is it only for sports people training?
  • How can this technology benefit seniors?
  • What is cloud computing and how does it work with IoTs?
  • What is Arduino and how can I build an internet sensor device  such as a temperature and humidity  monitor with it?
  • What tools do I need to design and build IoT devices?
  • How can I explore art and music with computers? Introducing MIDI, XBMC, DACs, pixelArt, electric paint and lighting for architectural design

Resources include:

  • Philips Hue Lights
  • Belkin Wemo Switches
  • ALDI wifi switches
  • 433MHZ switches and controllers such as RGB LED strip light controllers, power switches, door bells, smoke detectors
  • 433MHZ push buttons
  • 433MHZ temperature and humidity monitor
  • Ninja Blocks and Ninja Sphere – using both Arduino and Beaglebone computers with the cloud
  • Arduino Computers from Uno to Lotus
  • Seeedo Studio Grove sensors and the Seeedo Studio Computers
  • iPads
  • Android Tablets and Smart Phones
  • PCs – Windows based ( you can also use your Mac or LINUX based computer)
  • Beaglebone Black Computer
  • Raspberry Pi Computer
  • Open source and free software design tools such as sketch, Linux – ubuntu, Node.js, Eagle, Putty





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