New location for UTS Engineering


UTS Engineering has a new location and the building has already earned a nickname – the paper bag. I worked at UTS for 10 years from 1988  in the ugly old Tower Building on Broadway Sydney.


The Tower Block was the last major project of the NSW Government Architect and what a disaster. I worked on the 22nd floor in the Faculty of Engineering and one of my project there was the client management of the Computer Systems Engineering entrance, conference rooms and staff rooms. This was part of a transformation from the educational institute being a Government NSW College of Advanced Education called NSW Institute of Technology to becoming a university, called UTS (University of Technology Sydney). There is an open day for the new Frank Gehry building on Broadway on the 4th of September to inspect the new building and I will be there.



So how do you communicate with the astronauts in the ISS?

23 May 2010 as seen from the departing Space Shuttle Atlantis during Session STS-132



Station Crew Records Aurora Australis Display on July 15, 2014. Two solar array panels are partially visible in an edge-on angle on the right side of the frame.


Construction of the Integrated Truss Structure over New Zealand.

My technology – Philips Hue. You flash all the lights of your house as ISS pass overhead!


Using IFTTT from either iPad or an Android smartphone:


My log is at:…/1cG42LEXl5FEoMYVXch53…/pubhtml



Got up early this morning at 5.30AM to catch the best viewing in months of ISS overhead but as usual the skies were cloudy.

ISS viewing forecast for this morning:ISS tracks over Sydney Aug14 ISS forecast

You can track ISS at your location on


Developing LATS blog


Welcome to the LATS blogging site. LATS stands for Learning About Technology to Improvement Society so that we are all better off – better health, awareness, knowledge, opportunities etc My special interest is supporting those who are disadvantaged such as people with disabilities and helping them use technology to cope. I am also interested in helping seniors to understand how technology can assist them to live more independently.  This LATS site is used by seniors from u3a to debate and explore technologies in u3a sessions facilitated by me. In 2014 I am co-facilitating a special interest group, CARTS (Cars Automobiles Railways Trains and Ships) so that seniors at u3a in Greater Western Sydney can enjoy exploring transport technologies in their world. I am also developing courses for Parramatta Computer Pals for 2015 to explore the Internet of Things.

Learning about technology to improve society